We are working in partnership with local education authorities to build
a brighter future for school children in Ghana.


Classrooms in Ghana are chronically under resourced and it is not unusual to see a single textbook shared by an entire class. Many children have no access to writing materials of any kind and learning can often seem like an uphill battle. Sabre is involved in programmes to ensure that every child has their own workbook and classrooms are equipped with culturally appropriate learning materials.

By linking into existing donor-funded programmes such as the TLMP and NALAP, we are able to unlock access to much-needed learning materials for the schools in the KEEA Municipality.

By working with community artisans, we are encouraging the manufacture of early years toys and playgrounds made from local materials.


In the past we have shipped donations of educational resources from the UK to Ghana overland and by sea. We have come to recognise that there is a more sustainable way of providing the much-needed toys and teaching aids, by recycling local products, and engaging community craftsmen to replicate the toys from locally grown materials.

Send a book to Ghana

Books educate and inspire young minds, but in schools across Ghana, books are in critically short supply. In particular, picture books and early learning story books are unheard of in many schools. Through the “Pelican Post” scheme you can donate a book direct to one of our partner schools and help ease this chronic shortage. Donate now...

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