We are working in partnership with local education authorities to build
a brighter future for school children in Ghana.

This page summarises the different partnerships which help to support Sabre's work in Ghana and the UK.

Corporate Partners


Partners who provide assistance to the Sabre Trust across several areas of the charity's programme work and governance.


Partners who support a specific programme of work with pro bono technical assistance and funding/volunteering support.


Partners who support specific Sabre Trust projects through International Corporate Volunteering schemes and staff fund raising initiatives.


Corporate Partners who provide grant based funding to the Sabre Trust and/or encourage their employees to fundraise through sponsored events and matched funding schemes.

Professional Services Providers

Companies which provide pro-bono services to the Sabre Trust.

Volunteer Partners

Delivery Partners

Organisations through which the Sabre Trust promotes and advertises its Integrated Development Experiences in Africa programme.

Charity Partners

Implementing Partners

Charities with which the Sabre Trust collaborates on project and programme delivery.

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