We are working in partnership with local education authorities to build
a brighter future for school children in Ghana.

About Us

The Sabre Trust is an education charity working in rural Ghana. Our flagship Brighter Futures Programme aims to build a brighter future for marginalized and disadvantaged children. MORE...

Building Schools

In partnership with global engineering and construction firms Arup and Aecom, and in close collaboration with local communities and the Ghana Education Service, Sabre has designed and built a ground breaking new type of kindergarten school.
The school delivers an optimal learning environment for kindergarten education, while also having strong sustainability credentials. The light, bright and airy
classrooms are built using local renewable and recycled materials such as bamboo, clay soil, palm kernels and coconut fibre. MORE...

Training Teachers

In partnership with the Ghana Education Service and Our Lady of the Apostles College of Education, Sabre is testing a new approach to teacher training. Previously, in-service teacher training has relied on occasional workshops being cascaded down by education service officials with little or no follow up.
The new approach is much more supportive, bringing teachers and student teachers together in training, and providing continuous support through small group meetings, classroom coaching and access to a resource center.. MORE...

Help to make a difference

We constantly strive to make a difference. We Identify, Collaborate, Implement, Train and Evaluate everything we do. We know we can't be experts in everything and acknowledge working with like minded people in a variety of capacities is a receipe for success. If you think you can help in any way, why not volunteer? MORE...

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